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Marijuana is a form of drug prepared from the cannabis plant and used as a psychoactive drug in the world. Its production and use is banned in most parts of the world. Nevertheless, Marijuana production is highest in North America, which presents as the largest producer of the drug.

Canada is one of the largest drug manufacturers, third only to their other colleagues in North America, the United States and Mexico. In the recent past, there has been an increase in growth rates. Canada produces the drug at a good pace with higher production in the province of British Columbia.
Over the years, the province of British Columbia in Canada has become a center of commerce and trade for the country and cannabis is not left behind! British Columbia produces the largest quantity of drugs in Canada and gradually edging the country illegally to high rate of production of this psychoactive drug.

A recent survey shows that almost half of the production of marijuana in Canada is based in British Columbia. Most of the revenue after its production comes from illegal capital stock market fraud, trafficking, smuggling, etc. The second report highlights on the rise of production of this drug in Canada with an increased rate of 60% in Canada.

Also, another surprising discovery is that Canada is the largest consumer of psychoactive drugs. In contrast to the effort to legalize the production and use of the preparation of cannabis, the Government of Canada is taking all possible measures to reduce the production and capture the perpetrators of trafficking marijuana from the country.

Despite positive research from institutes in many countries, medical marijuana (not to be confused with cannabis for recreational purposes) is still a matter of strong debate. Interestingly, the debate is not hot to the public of a country, or among the medical community and the government.

In places where the use of medical marijuana is legal, studies are ongoing, and often produce results that surprised many in the medical community.

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    A recent petition by medical marijuana Toronto advocates to move the substance from the Schedule I list of controlled substances, which includes substances that have no medical value and a high potential for abuse, was rejected by the DEA. The announcement came from the Drug Enforcement Agency through the Federal Register, and it cited scientific findings from the FDA as the basis for the decision. However, there are 25 states, along with the District of Columbia, who agree that marijuana does have medical value. The petition was largely in favor of moving marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II, but the administrator of the DEA said there is still no scientific or medical evidence that marijuana has any positive value. Schedule I drugs can not legally be prescribed by a doctor under federal law.

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    A study at the University of Bath in England in 2005 noted extract from cannabis, known as cannabinoids, resemble molecules that occur naturally in our body, and by developing treatments that target this system can help the body recover from the effects of some of this disease. Although the university does not support or do not support the use of medical marijuana, they are focusing on further research to reduce the actual effects of cannabinoids on Crohn's disease. Investors are investing in medical cannabis n order to improve the methods and techniques.

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    Canada initiative to decriminalize marijuana focuses on terminally ill patients who benefit from the use of medical marijuana to relieve the unbearable symptoms of chronic and terminal diseases. Marijuana Medical Access Regulation (MMAR) specific rules for Canadians to follow.